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As mentioned above, you might be able to find this calendar if you routinely scan social media. You can also sign up for an Airfare Alert to receive an email from the airline with current deals. A map that shows the route to take is quite beneficial for frequent flyers. People who travel frequently do not know how to get there; however, by utilizing a vacation map, you can learn about the flights tickets available at each destination. Remember that the JetBlue Fare Finder is a small section of JetBlue's website that displays the cheapest flight for each day on a specific route. However, unlike other booking sites, its best fare finder lacks a section where you can enter your travel dates. Instead, it displays a calendar with reasonable flight rates for each day of your selected flight direction. By putting in a little extra work, you can save even more money. So make the smart choice and fly JetBlue.

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Jetblue Booking

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